You can order the painting in any size : 20x24, 24x36, 24x48,30x40, 36x48 inch. Just mention the size you prefer with the order. When you have different preferences for sizes, do not hesitate to ask us for a quotation. One inch is 2,54 centimeters. One centimeter is 0,3937 inch. 100 centimeters is 39,37 "

We have special discounts for companies ordering larger volumes. Just send us an email with your preferences and requests

Money back
In case you are not satisfied we offer you a full Money Back guarantee, refunds will be made after we received the painting back. Only shipping and handling costs will be charged in case of refund. The paintings must return in the original packing and in the same condition we sent them

We offer the you the best quality against affordable prices. All our paintings are handmade by our painters. We work only with oil based paint and with high quality canvas.No computer based reproduction is used.

Delivery time
It will take us approx. 4 to 6 weeks to paint your order depending on the complexity of the painting. The shipping usually takes about a week. Ofcourse we will infom you in advance when the painting has finished and will be shipped to your address.

All paintings are shipped with UPS, and are securely packed by us so the painting will receive your address in a perfect condition

We start painting after we receive your payment. Payment can de done in several ways:

  • international money order
  • banking cheque
  • credit card ( by paypal.com )

All paintings are sold without frame. The main reason being that the transporation costs would be disproportionate high.

In the US there are no import duties for paintings according to the Harmonized Tariff Schedul. In other countries consult the customs's service

Is it Legal
Yes, the only limitation is that the artwork must have passed into the public domain. This means that the painter must have passed away for more the 70 years.

Other copies and portraits
If there any other paintings, painters or photos which you would like us to reproduce just give us an email with the information you would like and/or a digital copy from the original and we will sent you a quotation asap.